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ProAxia Consulting Group

IDFC Ltd. at Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan

We have prepared a menu that will help in a variety of management issues.


We provide consulting related to corporate management. proaxia consulting (head office: Switzerland) on the basis of a partnership with, we will provide the best solution experienced consultants for consultation on global management with the aim of future market expansion.


Small IT consulting and development, the business bidder to perform the operation, we have prepared a membership club to support both sides of the business and welfare. Unlike the mechanism of work introduction of mechanisms and human resources matching in the conventional world, in addition from the support of human resource development to provide project information, back to the office work and welfare, to help the day-to-day operation of the business bidder in total.


Management consulting services

It supports everyone in the management of you think the overseas expansion for business opportunities expand. We will help the process of incorporation of China and Southeast Asia.


Document preparation services

It offers a law style, format-proposal that corresponds to the phrase and legal reforms that can be used in a variety of business situations.


Back-office services

Office supplies purchase, domestic accommodation, overseas accommodation will be available at the preferential price.



It measures the share of projects in IT consulting and development projects, and effective use of PM, the consultants and technicians of resources.

* The introduction of the projects you're supposed conclusion of a confidentiality agreement.


Human resources education

Support of human resource development (providing information, study sessions), and the like and infrastructure provides for technical verification, we will build a partnership in a more long-term perspective.


Information sharing

Share based on the cloud environment technical information.

Together, also it provides cloud storage for each company. You can take advantage of a variety of scenes.



For all those employees of businesses who accession, leisure, sports, shopping, childcare and long-term care services will be available at the preferential price.

Source: http://www.idfc-glink.com